You can also take a 360 tour of all the studio rooms here:


Do you need a professional photo/video studio to accommodate your high end client?

Would you like to impress her/him with an upscale environment and sophisticated photo/video gear?

Do you want to achieve the results you have never been able to technically achieve before?

Would you like to have access to professional lighting equipment and backgrounds without investing tons of money?



You don't need to look any further: ProPhotoSTL located at 1641 Washington Ave in downtown St. Louis can meet and exceed all your expectations.  Please watch the video above to see a walk-through of our studio.


Here is what we can offer:

  • very convenient location in downtown St. Louis close to the City Museum,
  • upscale space for meetings with your clients,
  • 2 fully equipped dressing/makeup rooms,
  • large bathroom, which can be used as another dressing/makeup room,
  • full kitchen for preparing food/drinks for you and your customers,
  • plethora of lighting options:
  • 20 LED video lights for lighting any set and any group of people,
  • 3 LED spotlights,
  • 9 dedicated Einstein E640 strobes for photography,
  • remote lighting controller,
  • complete range of light modifiers,
  • complete range of color gels for both photography and videography,
  • 2 smoke machines,
  • 2 wind machines,
  • one bubble machine,
  • white corner INFINITY WALL (cyclorama) 15'x15' for perfect separation from the background,
  • 5 different backgrounds, including chromakey green, as well as an option to easily mount any other backgrounds of your choice,
  • many different posing stools, boxes, props, etc.,
  • 2 large LCD screens for reviewing your results instantly,
  • sophisticated audio system for connecting your music source,
  • NEW! Bring your own backgrounds on your phone, or a memory card and screen them on the wall with the provided projector.    It allows you to use any background you like with no hardware setup needed!